Minky Solid Shaggy Baby Soft Fabric

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The Minky Solid Shaggy Baby Soft Fabric is available online at BigZFabric.com. The Shaggy Minky Fabric is a plush, durable material that is an eco-friendly alternative to using real animal fur. It was originally sold for $12.99 by the yard, but you can purchase it now for $9.99. If you don’t want that much at the moment, then you can order a sample of the Shaggy Minky Fabric for $1. The Shaggy Minky Fabric is a 58” wide, one-way stretch, ultra soft material. This 100% polyester fabric is incredibly smooth and gentle on the skin. This allows you to make comfortable blankets and covers that infants and children will love. The variety of colors available for this fabric includes red, sky blue, and various rainbow patterns. This makes it great for designing children’s clothing, costumes, and toys. The great qualities of the Shaggy Mink Fabric make this product easy to fit and to wash, which is essential for handling with children.

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minky solid shaggy baby soft

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