Keep Baby Warm with this Ultra-Soft Fabric!

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Minky Dimple Dot Baby Soft Fabric is the perfect fabric for warm baby accessories. Whether you need a soft, cuddly, blanket to wrap baby up in, or a warm sweater to zip baby up in, this fabric is the way to go. It features an ultra-soft, fuzzy texture that will keep warmth in. Raised dots give an even cuddlier feel. When you see this fabric, you’ll want to touch it with your own hands because it looks so soft.

This cloth comes in over 15 colors, ranging from charcoal to pink to blue. You’ll be able to choose from bright, pastel, and subtle shades to match whatever you’re creating. You may even want to wear this fabric yourself! We suggest matching bathrobes for you and your little one. This fabric is made of polyester and comes in a width of 58 to 60 inches. It is available for $8.99 per yard, and $1 samples are available as well.

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