Get Cozy With This Weather!

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Bongo Striped Soft Minky Velvet Fabric is a one of a kind fabric to work with. This can be linked to fleece, but it is definitely softer in texture. If you are looking to create the softest and coziest of projects the year, this fabric is a great choice. Made of polyester and velvet this material is versatile and easy to maneuver. The cozy minky fabric is sold by the yard at $16.99 (remember to use the November coupon code to save more)!

Do note, no stretch is available to compensate for any mistakes therefore we recommend purchasing a little bit extra to allow for wiggle room. One of the easiest ways to use this material is in a blanket. Although most common, there are other alternatives to make costumes or even pieces of apparel. Bongo Striped comes in a variety of colors such as yellow, purple, and peach, while others are available upon request. This cozy minky fabric is a unique and affordable choice for your next project. Please share you DIYs with us on Instagram @BigZFabric.

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bongo striped velvet fabric

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