Fur for Baby!

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Want to create a fur-inspired outfit for your little one, but don’t want to overwhelm the design with long pile? Then Minky Solid Shaggy Baby Soft Fabric is the perfect solution. The pile is just ½ inch long, so you’ll be able to create a fur outfit for the toddler in your life without the end result looking disproportional due to excessively long fur. There are over 10 color options to choose from, including several different rainbow patterns. In addition, there is Sky Blue, Red, Pink, Light Camel, and Grey, among others.

This fabric would also be a great option for a throw blanket or baby blanket. It is formulated to be ultra soft, and is warm as well. The width is 58-60 inches and it is made from polyester. Minky Solid Shaggy Baby Soft Fabric is available for $9.99 per yard, and samples are obtainable for just $1. This may the perfect holiday gift idea for the little ones in your life!

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minky solid shaggy baby fabric


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