Fluffy, Ruffled, and Fashionably Warm

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If you’ve been looking for a soft, fluffy, fabric with fun color choices and unusual texture, you’ll want to check out Bongo Striped Soft Minky Velvet Fabric. This fabric features a unique pile that creates a ruffled look. If you’re familiar with Rhodesian Ridgebacks, this fabric calls to mind that type of a pattern. The pile is short and densely placed to create a soft velvet feel. It ismade of Polyester and comes in a width of 54 inches.

This fabric has four rich color options. Choose from Wine, Burgundy, Peach, or Golden Yellow. Or use two similar shades to add interest to your project! A wonderful fall option would be creating a warm, comfortable vest with this fabric. Why not let your fashion sense shine while staying warm at the same time? Even kids will love a vest made out of this warm, soft cloth. You can obtain Bongo Striped Soft Minky Velvet Fabric by the yard for $16.99, or you can ask for $1 sample if you’d like to take a closer look first.

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