Create that Cuddly Baby Blanket you’ve been Dreaming About!

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Minky Rose/Rosette Floral Baby Soft Fabric is the perfect cuddly cloth for your next baby project. This fabric is soft, delicate, and warm, so go ahead and create that new project you’ve been dreaming about! Because the fabric has a backing, we suggest using it with a second layer but think it would be perfect for a blanket, sweater, or stuffed animal. You can create a simple but warm blanket by sewing together two matching pieces back to back. If you’d like to add even more warmth, you can add filling.

This fabric has four-way stretch and will move with the baby. There are over 20 colors to choose from, including pastels, brighter hues, and darker shades. Maybe you’ve been wanting to create a canary-yellow blanket or a cozy blue sweater. For a subtle option that pairs well with other colors, choose a sleek wolf gray. This comfy fabric is sold by the yard for $8.99. Currently, there are smaller cuts of canary yellow available at reduced prices. Minky Rose is 58-60” wide, and as always, don’t hesitate to order a $1 sample to experience this fabric’s miraculous softness in person.

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minky rose rosette floral fabric

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