Bongo Striped Soft Minky Velvet Fabric

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Luxury and style harmonize in this Bongo Striped Soft Minky Fabric in a soft earthy brown.
This is a versatile fabric that could has a ton of uses. Imagine this fabric covering the pillows on your bed. Minky fabrics are best for pillowcases because not only are they super cozy, but they are anti-static so they can help keep your hair from frizzing and getting tangled while you sleep. Also, since hair doesn’t stick to the fabric, it would make an ideal pillow for your favorite furry friend.
A baby blanket created from the Bongo Striped Soft Minky Fabric would make a beautiful gift for the expectant mother a special child in your life. The color is gender neutral so it could be for either a boy or a girl. Little hands would enjoy exploring the texture while the stripe pattern creates visual interest.
Another excellent use would be for reusable cloth diapers. Since minky fabrics are moisture wicking, it’s an ideal choice for the outer layer or backing of these products. The brown bongo stripes are especially well suited as both the color and fabric are stain resistant.
A few other project ideas for this fabric are chair cushions, stuffed animals, scarves, hats, and slippers. Make the perfect gift for you or spoil yourself with something soft and minky.

Bongo Striped Soft Minky Velvet Fabric is available at $16.99 per yard. A sample swatch is available for $1.

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Bongo Striped Soft Minky Velvet

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