Baby Soft Minky Zig Zag Material for Baby Blankets

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Baby soft materials are exactly what you should want for a baby blanket. The soft as a cloud Baby Soft Minky Zig Zag material is the right choice if you are looking for baby blanket material. The material is made of 100% polyester. The fabric is patterned with fun zigzags. The baby soft mink zigzag material comes in the colors blue, brown, or orange. The blue fabric has zigzagging lines of light blue, dark blue, white, grey, and tan. The brown fabric has a zigzag pattern with brown, tan, and white colors in it. The orange fabric option has orange, yellow, red, pink, and white in the pattern. The material is sold by the yard. The price per yard is $15.99. The fabric is available in square sample sizes for $1. This cuddly fabric is sure to be the perfect fit for the next baby blanket you make, or even for the next blanket you make for yourself!

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Minky Zig Zag Chevron

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