Cozy Jacket for your Little One!

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Minky Solid Shaggy Baby Soft Fabric is a great choice if you want to create a jacket for your toddler or young child. It is incredibly soft with ½” pile and comes in 14 colors. Examples are Black, Light Camel, Pink, Red, Sky Blue, and even Rainbow. Your little one is sure to love it!

To create a bomber jacket in size 2, you will need ½ yard for the knit lining and ½ a yard of Minky Solid Shaggy Baby Soft Fabric for the shell. You will also need Rib or Lycra for the cuffs, waist, and collar as well as a 14″ zipper. You have the option of adding pockets as well. You can find detailed instructions here. Using this fluffy, warm fabric you can create a colorful, warm jacket. Combine two or more colors to create a look unique to your child. You could also design a hood to keep your child even warmer!

This fabric is made of polyester and has a width of 58 to 60 inches. It is available by the yard for $9.99. You can order a $1 sample to try this fabric out before you get started.

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